5 Tips For Getting Back Into A School Routine

5 Tips For Getting Back Into A School Routine

Summer break has officially come to an end which means it’s time to dust off those alarm clocks and get back into the swing of things. The bad news is that you may find yourself relying on an extra cup of coffee to power through the first few days. The good news is that children thrive off of routines so adjusting back to a school schedule will actually help things run more smoothly. If you find yourself struggling to get back into a routine like many families at the start of the school year, check out these five tips to help you conquer your mornings.

Choose Clothing And Review Class Schedules The Night Before

Nights are typically less pressed for time and therefore less stressful for the entire family. Use this more relaxed time during the evenings to prepare for the day ahead. Encourage children to pick out their clothing or lay out their uniform the night before and hang it up or lay it out in the same place each night. Make sure they can easily access their own clothing with low-hanging rods or drawers. Take a few minutes to also review the next day’s class schedule with your child. All of these tasks enable children to practice practical skills and saves valuable morning time while allowing for a smoother transition out of the house.

Prepare Lunches

Another great way to save time in the mornings is to have your child prepare their lunch the night before. This helps them look forward to the next day and saves everyone the stress of rushing to pack lunches while juggling breakfast all while racing to beat the clock. Allowing your child time to pack their lunch the night before also promotes safety and thoroughness as nobody will be rushed to slice sandwiches or forget important items. Plus, it allows for thoughtful meal prepping that includes a well-planned assortment of nutritious foods.

Limit Screen Time

Summer break is all for fun and relaxation and that often lends itself to increased screen time on your favorite devices (we’re talking to you too, moms and dads). It’s time to start cutting back on that extra screen time now that school is back in session. Studies have found that short-wavelength artificial blue light emitted by the screens of our favorite tablets, smartphones, and laptops disrupt your circadian rhythm and lead to difficulty falling asleep. Not only that, but they also interfere with our body’s natural ability to stay asleep once we actually do doze off. Practice good sleep hygiene by cutting out screen time before bed. The earlier in the evening that you can impose a digital curfew, the better. Try opting for a good old-fashioned book instead.

Create A Designated Workspace

At the heart of every Montessori classroom is a well-prepared environment where children are given all of the resources and tools they need to excel. Create a designated workspace in your home where children can work on projects, even if they’re projects they take on themselves like leisurely arts and crafts. Make sure all of the materials they need are stocked and easily accessible to them so that they can work independently at will.

Display Classwork And Art

Your child will be bringing home lots of new schoolwork to showcase their talents and highlight all of the new material they’re learning. Create a designated place where they can proudly display their work. A great way to do this is to hang a picture wire with clips that your child can reach, or designate a corkboard with pushpins as their personal gallery.

Getting back into a routine takes time. Leave yourself a few minutes of leeway for small bumps in the road. Before you know it, your household will be back to running at peak performance once again.

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