Changing The World Through Global Citizenship

Changing The World Through Global Citizenship

Changing the World through Global Citizenship

Changing The World Through Global Citizenship

Historically, humans have always grouped themselves into communities built around common interests, characteristics, and beliefs. This seemed to work well for centuries, but as we’ve progressed to a time where technology and travel has put the world at our fingertips, the need for global citizenship is greater than ever. Communication and distance barriers are becoming null and void. With these advancements comes the opportunity to build meaningful, lasting relationships that span continents, religions, and cultural beliefs. There are a lot of personal and professional gains to be made by promoting global citizenship and the relationships that are harbored within it.

Global Citizenship Improves Awareness

Children who are working towards becoming global citizens naturally become global thinkers. They’re aware of what’s happening not just in their communities, but throughout the world as a whole. Being a global citizen means understanding and appreciating differences and finding the strengths within others, which lends itself to higher instances of advocacy for social issues like human rights, gender equality, religious freedom, sustainability, and poverty.

It Promotes Social Inclusion

Global citizens are active community members, often working towards making their contributions to improving society and creating equitable opportunities. This social inclusion not only improves the local, state, national, and international community within which they’re working, but social inclusion is also beneficial for a person’s mental health. Promoting and participating in social inclusion activities helps to create a better environment for all community members and allows for the opportunity to make advancements in community resources that can improve the quality of life for everyone served.

There Are More Opportunities For Informed Decision Making

Since global citizens are aware of what is happening throughout the world, they’re able to see the bigger picture. By teaching children the importance of staying informed about current events, they’re better equipped to make informed decisions that can positively impact their future as well as the future of those around them.


Children who are taught the pillars of global citizenship and global thinking are able to think critically to solve problems of varying complexities. They learn to communicate effectively with individuals from different backgrounds in addition to learning how to be proactive, flexible, and creative in their approach. Learning how to work in partnership with others is an essential skill to obtaining personal and professional success.

Teaching children the foundations of global citizenship sets the stage for them to excel and break barriers. This sets the stage for them to achieve personal and professional success as they leave their mark on the world to make it a better place now and for future generations


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