Fun Ways To Keep Learning During Summer Break

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Fun Ways To Keep Learning During Summer Break

Summer is meant for sleeping in, days in the sun, cookouts, and making unforgettable memories. It’s possible to do all of those fun things and continue to learn! You can keep your brains sharp and your bodies busy with just a little bit of an imagination and planning. Check out these fun ways to keep the learning momentum going this summer!

Go on a treasure hunt through nature.

Nature is filled with all sorts of wonderful surprises and breathtaking landscapes. Spend some time researching native plants and wildlife and create a list of things to find. Pack plenty of sunscreen and be sure to stay hydrated when you head to the nature trail or even just to your own backyard!

Build a birdhouse.

Get hands-on and build a home for some of our feathered friends. Work on art and design and practice practical motor skills by using a hammer or screwdriver to assemble the pieces. Get creative with the decor and be sure to put out some bird seed. What kinds of birds do you think will stop by for a visit?

Make an old family recipe.

Talk about your heritage while getting busy in the kitchen. What was great-grandma like? What are some traditions that have been passed down? Not only will baking or cooking open up dialogue about your ancestry, but it also creates an opportunity to practice measurements, gastronomy, and life skills.

Scrapbook your adventures.

Set aside some arts and crafts time to put your memories on paper. Clip out important newspaper articles, save ticket stubs, and print plenty of pictures to commemorate summer break. This is a fun project for rainy days that you can look back on for years to come.

Have a dance party.

Get moving with an all out dance party! Have everyone in the family share their favorite dance tunes, even if it means seeing dad do his most embarrassing dance! Depending upon everyone’s ages, talk about things like what kind of instruments you hear, what was happening in the world when the song was released, or how the lyrics and rhythm make you feel.

Build an obstacle course.

Find some things around the house like couch cushions, tires, boxes, and buckets and let your imagination run wild. Setting up an indoor or outdoor obstacle course will teach planning, agility, and maybe even a little bit of physics.

Treat your pet to a spa day.

Everyone deserves a little pampering so why not give your pet a little special treatment? Learn the basics and importance of grooming while having fun in the suds! If you really want to wow your furry friend, find a pet friendly cookie recipe and reward them with an after-bath treat!

Check out the night sky.

When it comes to learning, the sky’s the limit – literally and figuratively. Head outside on a clear night and take a peek at the stars. It’s helpful to go somewhere that there isn’t a lot of light pollution. What constellations can you find? Do you see any satellites or planets? If you’re lucky, you may even see the International Space Station or a shooting star!

When it comes to learning outside of the classroom, the possibilities are endless. Most of the best lessons come when we least expect them. Enjoy summer break and most importantly, soak up all of the memories that you can!

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