How To Choose Books Your Montessori Student Will Love

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How To Choose Books Your Montessori Student Will Love

Montessori classrooms have a rich history in promoting reading and harnessing the power within books. Dr. Maria Montessori recognized this power and built her philosophy with the idea of enriching classrooms with reading-friendly environments where children felt comfortable and encouraged to explore their favorite books. Dr. Montessori was even quoted as saying, “A child does not read until he receives ideas from the written word.” It’s this idea which has propelled Montessori classrooms for decades to continue instilling a passion for reading in every student.

If you’re interested in stocking your shelves with more books for your children to dive into, check out these tips for choosing books that your child will love while also aligning with the Montessori method.

Find books that are rich in language.

Your child’s language development thrives off of environments where language is deep, rich, and packed full of descriptive words. Avoid books that promote baby talk. Instead, focus on finding books that are age-appropriate but also challenge their language development. They should also be descriptive enough that they hold their attention and spark their imagination while reading.

Children love books that are eye-catching and engaging.

Speaking of holding their attention, children love books that are visually appealing as well as engaging. Children are quite interested in the world around them so choosing reality-based books is always optimal. These reality-based books not only help to hold their attention but they also offer valuable life lessons. Books that also boast illustrations with lots of details will help to engage your child in every page. It can also lend itself to sparking conversations and increase awareness and appreciation for art.

Choose age-appropriate books.

Your child’s library should evolve as they grow. Infants enjoy hearing a familiar voice and feeling the warmth of a caregiver while reading. Young children are still learning the difference between fiction and reality. Children approaching kindergarten are beginning to read simple words and sentences as well as understanding reality while exploring deeper into the world of fiction. Here are some brief guidelines for choosing age-appropriate books that will offer your child the perfect amount of comfort and challenge.

  • Infants and Toddlers:
    • Focus on sturdy board books for infants and board books with lift-the-flap pages for toddlers.
    • Choose simple story lines.
    • Find books with pictures of familiar things as your child continues to identify everyday items.
  • Ages Two to Four:
    • Avoid books based in fantasy as young children are still learning to distinguish between the two.
    • Choose books with rhymes/poetry.
    • Pick small books that fit in their hands.
  • Ages Four to Six:
    • Support your child’s curiosity of non-fiction plots as they now understand what is real and what isn’t.
    • Introduce increasingly complex story lines and sentence structure.

When choosing books for your child, don’t forget to choose topics that appeal to their interests. Your investment in their reading will stick with them throughout their lifetime, and the time you spend reading together will allow you the opportunity to make lasting memories.


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