Our kindergarteners are our youngest cohort of IB learners. Encouraged to explore and learn through doing, the IB further stimulates their senses through inquiry-based learning.

Students learn about significant concepts (big ideas) through Units of Inquiry which are structured around a child’s natural curiosity. Our young learners are taught to think positively: towards themselves, towards others, towards the environment and towards learning. They form connections between what they learn and how it relates to the world around them. They don’t just learn; they learn how to learn.

As the child gets older, the curriculum becomes more structured. Our kindergarteners are exposed to French language classes twice a week and a variety of musical instruments. As the ability to read grows, circle time provides the perfect setting to read to peers with a question and answer session fostering critical thinking.

Choosing to work in isolation or in groups, enables students to explore different scenarios and learn to negotiate and cope with peers of varying ages and from different backgrounds.

Our Children’s House lays the foundation for our students to graduate as confident, curious and eager learners, ready to tackle the challenges of IB PYP elementary.

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