While academics are at the forefront of any educational institution, at Ashwood Glen we place equal emphasis on co-curricular activities. We passionately believe that in order for our students to evolve into confident, competent young adults we must focus on the development of all aspects of child: cognitive, physical and creative.

Our co-curricular programs enable students to participate in a variety of activities during and after school hours and in the safety of the Ashwood Glen environment.

Clubs & Activities

For our Children’s House, the after-school program offers optional private music lessons, dance lessons, swim lessons, a reading program, a Lego brick club, gymnastics and taekwondo.

For our Junior House, in addition to the above activities, the after-school program also offers a math club, a chess club, talent shows, spelling bees, robotics / coding and a knowledge makes cents program.


For our students to achieve their maximum potential, they must be healthy in mind and body. Our wellness program offers daily mindfulness exercises using meditation to improve concentration and help manage emotions. A healthy lifestyle requires one to be grounded and have awareness and control of their thoughts and behaviors.

Extended Care

Before and after care services are offered to Children’s House and Junior School students.

Extended hours run from 7-8:30 a.m. and from 4-6 p.m. and include a healthy breakfast and an afternoon snack.

Extended hours run from 7-8:30 AM and from 4-6 PM. For Children’s House, extended care program includes a healthy breakfast and afternoon snack.

Summer Camp

First hand exposure is the best way to introduce little children to a new environment. At Ashwood Glen, our summer camp program gently coaxes children to explore and familiarize themselves to the school environment.

The preschool transition program is designed to introduce toddlers and pre-schoolers to the rigorous routine of school and life. Our youngest age group will be exposed to the Montessori environment and have an opportunity to engage in fun-filled summer activities such as exploring the great outdoors, getting to know nature and engaging in music and songs.

The primary transition program includes a range of fun-filled activities including nature studies, intro to science, creative arts / music / dance and more. Our students gain confidence, make friends and learn to contribute to their society.

A three-week consecutive commitment is recommended for summer camp. We feel it takes time for the child to make friends and gain that comfort. For more details, please contact the office.


Bussing will be available for students residing in Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville and Milton at an additional cost. This service is offered for the school day and for before and after school programs for our Junior and Middle School students. Please contact us to more information about bussing services.

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