We Are Partnering With United Way!

Ashwood Glen

We Are Partnering With United Way!

Dear Parents,  

At Ashwood Glen we believe that Service-Learning provides students with authentic opportunities to learn and embody the traits of our AG student profile. Through Service-Learning students apply their academic skills and knowledge to address real-life needs in their communities. As a school we are committed to providing intentional opportunities for students to engage with their local and global communities, and as thus we are pleased to begin our partnership with United Way Halton and Hamilton. 

United way Halton and Hamilton is a non -profit organization that works in collaboration with local agents and programs to identify and resolve pressing community issues and bring forth measurable change. Their main areas of focus include education, income, and health. Through their initiatives: All that Kids Can be, Poverty to Possibility and Healthy People Strong Communities, United Way Halton and Hamilton has helped over 200,000 individuals lead more empowered, healthier, safer and more prosperous lives. 

Our first project together will support United Way’s All That Kids Can Be initiative. This project works to support children and youth to do well in school and reach their full potential; a goal we share for our own students as well. We are starting with a Food Drive in March followed by a Literacy Kit Drive later in the year. Each of these activities reinforces our curriculum, engages the students in active learning and opportunities for reflection. 

Further details about the Food drive will be shared by email and updated on our school website at www.ashwoodglen.com

We appreciate the support of our parent community and hope that together we continue to be agents of positive change in our local and global communities.

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