What makes Ashwood Glen Private School Unique?

what makes ashwood glen private school unique

what makes ashwood glen private school unique

What makes Ashwood Glen Private School Unique?

At Ashwood Glen we aim for our students to develop into well-rounded leaders, thinkers and global citizens, who remain active participants in a lifelong journey of learning. Our campus, located in the heart of Burlington, is a newly constructed state-of-the-art facility. Featuring best-practices in teaching methodologies and technologically advanced software and equipment, it is here that we prepare our students for real-world situations and encourage critical thinking, resiliency, leadership and collaboration.

The Ashwood Glen Learning Program is holistic and balanced; focusing equally on Academics, Activities and Personal and Social-Emotional Learning (PSEL). The Ashwood Glen Profile is intentionally embedded across all areas of our program to foster a positive school culture that extends to and impacts our community at large.

Our pedagogy integrates core concepts from the established Montessori and the progressive International Baccalaureate (IB) methodologies. By merging these proven formats, we create a unique, well-balanced educational program that facilitates early social and academic learning.

The design of the Montessori program is ideal for our students in that it stimulates learning through inquiry; harnessing each child’s curiosity and exploratory nature. Moreover, the approach allows children to learn at their unique pace and styles.

The IB framework is a concept-driven, transdisciplinary and inquiry-based approach in which students develop the confidence to take responsibility for their learning with the goal of becoming internationally minded individuals, equipped to take responsibility in making a positive difference in their personal and global communities. The framework promotes and encourages academic and intercultural competencies, while simultaneously meeting the social and emotional needs of our students.

Our innovative programs extend beyond academics and focus on each child as an individual; taking the time to understand and build upon each child’s strengths, interests and capabilities. With small student-teacher ratios, we take meticulous interest in each child’s development and focus on individual learning needs to augment the learning outcomes of the Ontario Curriculum.

Finally, our programs are designed to promote experiential learning; academically, socially and physically.

Cumulatively, these programs provide a unique educational experience that encourages curiosity, ignites passion, and inspires confidence.

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