Who We Are

At Ashwood Glen, our primary objective is to empower and inspire young impressionable minds. As we strive for excellence in our academic pursuits, we embody the nurturing and inspirational qualities of the majestic Ashwood tree and lay the foundation for an emotionally rich and fulfilled future leader.

We take our students through a journey encouraging them to discover and challenge themselves along the way. We embrace and nurture the toddler in a structured yet unrestricted setting, which is inspired by the Montessori child-centered educational approach. Our preschoolers and kindergartners emerge curious, confident and ready for more focused conceptual and analytical awareness. As our students’ progress in their Ashwood Glen journey, our elementary students will build on their curiosity in the inquiry-based learning format and will be simultaneously encouraged and challenged to help achieve their very best in their every endeavor.

Our students are our assets; it is our promise to continually invest in them and ensure they receive the best possible education.

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