The Parents Guide to the Montessori Method

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The Parents Guide to the Montessori Method

Inspire, empower and excel. It’s our private school’s mantra, and it’s by these core values we live each and every day. Here at Ashwood Glen in Burlington, Ontario, our primary goal is to inspire and empower each of our students so that they have the confidence and skills to tackle any challenge before them.

This holistic approach to education equally focuses on academics, social-emotional learning and activities, ensuring our students leave feeling empowered to make a difference in their communities. Our pedagogy merges the progressive methodologies of the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Montessori to create a well-balanced educational program for both academic and social learning. Our private school’s unique program is the difference.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Montessori method of education, we’ll take a closer look in today’s post. Consider this the parents guide to Montessori. To learn more about Montessori, about our educational program or to book your tour of our private school, please contact us today.

What is the Montessori Method?

Italian physician Dr. Maria Montessori developed a method of educating children that has transformed schools across the world. The Montessori method fosters a self-motivated growth in children and adolescents in all areas of development, from social and emotional growth to cognitive and physical advancement.

Montessori education is student-led and paced, but is guided, assessed and enriched by caring, qualified teachers in a nurturing environment. Students are encouraged to be curious and learn at their own pace, taking the time to fully understand each concept and meet individualized goals for learning.

Montessori Education At Our Private School:

Children attending a Montessori school have the freedom and support to question, probe and connect with the world around them, developing their confidence and self-motivation and direction at the same time. Students learn to think critically, act with integrity and work collaboratively with their peers.

Benefits of a Montessori School

Because the Montessori method puts children first and in more control of their learning experience, they gain a number of benefits from attending a Montessori school. Let’s take a look at a few tremendous benefits.

Individuality: Every student is valued for their uniqueness. Montessori recognizes that children learn in different ways and at various paces. Montessori education accommodates all learning styles, guided by their teacher to advance when they’re ready.

Independence: Students are encouraged to seize control of their education. Classrooms are intentionally designed to support the students’ emerging “self-regulation”: the ability to analyze what they are learning and how in order to improve. This is great for toddlers through adolescents.

Community: Students are encouraged to work with one another and serve as role models to younger classmates. This helps each student feel supported and gain confidence about the challenges ahead of them. Teachers set the example for respect, kindness and conflict resolution.

Social-Emotional Skills: Research has proven the effectiveness of the Montessori method of education, especially when it comes to the development of social-emotional skills compared to students from a more traditional learning environment.

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